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Not Just. 

Not just skin, blood and bones 

we are nitrogen, iron and carbon. 

Not just birthed but made of galaxies,

we are glittering life forms. 

Not just dust but of the stars

we are dreamers and soul seekers. 

Not just of darkness,

we are of the light. 


If we are not just war bringers,

but are laughter and love. 

If we are not just flesh, 

but are souls with desires. 

If we are not just dirt

but are of universe and stardust. 

If we are not just evil

but are dreamers of peace. 

Then maybe...

there is still a glimmer of goodness,

a glimmer of hope

when the world feels dark

and humanity feels deeply flawed. 


A pair of paintings and poem created side by side in the aftermath of processing the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan and the invasion of Ukraine, both of which where my husband was sent as part of the quick reaction force from the UK in both places. 


The poem is transcribed on the back and split between the two paintings. 

12 x 12 black mount with 10 inch aperture circle painting, alcohol inks