About Me

About Me Grace  


Dear lovely visitor, 

Welcome, thanks so much for being here. I'm Grace, professional artist, art educator, art historian and author. The arts are my world and have been ever since I fell in love with them at about 16 years old. I live and breathe the arts and have been studying them a long time. 

My work is hugely inspired by nature. It is a place I feel free, calm and lost in the beauty before me. I hear things more clearly, figure out things more quickly and am always guided to the most clear metaphors in my life. 

You will find vistas of every kind in my work, whether landscapes, skyscapes, spacescapes, seascapes or dreamscapes. I use mixed media a lot within my work, never being satisfied with just one type of art medium and getting bored quickly. What remains are Scapes To Escape in and the inclusion of shimmering gold. 

Poetry and prose often find their way into my work, with paintings regularly having words of others or ponderings linked with them. In fact, the names of my paintings and these words are often what draws customers to them, connecting them to specific works. Connection. We all need connection and what an honour it is to meet someone else's connection.

Creatively Yours,