About Me

About Me Grace  

Hi! I'm Grace, painter, Military Spouse, Mummy to two beautiful girls and one furball. I started painting properly about 5 years ago when my girls were young and I was needing a creative outlet. Originally I actually only painted in Watercolour and was commissioned by numerous friends. Between you and me, this medium never truly satisfied me creatively. 

During Covid-19, in the throws of lockdown and homeschooling, I began to experiment with alcohol inks and the rest is history. Creativity has never been an option for me in my life - it runs through me and without it my mental wellbeing has always suffered for it. To truly step into this role as a painter is a huge and personal step for me. 

My hope is to create beautiful and thought-provoking pieces of original artwork that you can hang in your homes. How you decorate your home is such a personal journey and to be included in that journey is such a pleasure. To be able to offer you a little escapism into your day, away from the pressures of everyday life. 

So from me to you, thank you for allowing me to do what I love and let's escape into some paintings together. 

Creatively Yours,